No-Till Vegetable Gardening: Retire your Rototiller and Cherish your Dirt. See the slide presentation!

No Till Gardening Poster. pdf

On March 21, 2023 the Stewardship Council hosted the No-Till Vegetable Gardening workshop at Newburgh Community Hall.

See the presentation slides here.  No-Till Gardening Slide Presentation Mar 21, 2023

Science of No-Till Slide Presentation

Justin Schaude and Molly Touzel of Red School Farmstead along with Andrew Michalski of St. Isidore Farm  presented this down-to-earth workshop.

Tilling the soil actually results in soil compaction; it disrupts the complex symbiotic relationship that exists between the surface of the soil and the underlying micro-organisms.

“No till” doesn’t mean “No work.” Regular top dressing of an established bed with mulch and compost in layers will enrich the soil matrix and build in resilience without the need of additional fertilizers. Compost and mulch become the gardener’s new allies.

The many advantages of the “no-till” method include saving water, reducing and possibly eliminating the need to weed, retaining carbon in the soil, reducing soil erosion and building up the earthworm population in your garden. All are great reasons to Cherish your Dirt!

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